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2018+ - FreezerGUARD is tested and running, but not yet launched.  Right now, we are doing some market research to see what demand exists for this innovative new 'Internet of Things' product, and ensure we're making the right offer to the right market.  But launch should be very soon...
Your feedback is important, so please fill in some details below. 


Can you help by answering a few simple questions below ? (you might get a reward... !)

Are you currently using a freezer monitoring and alert service like this ? If not, how do you know all is ok with your freezers outside working hours ?

Do you think FreezerGUARD may be exactly what you need for your business ?

How much would this be worth to your business ? (one-off upfront cost for iot device, and a monthly cost)



(yes, we aim to make this a very cost-effective solution, and you may get an insurance reduction for running FreezerGUARD, more than covering the costs)

Any other comments ? Please type whatever you want into the field below. Your feedback is very important...

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