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Safeguard your Freezers now !

What if you could protect £'000s of freezer stock for a small monthly payment ?
What if you could receive an email or text alert if ever your freezer fails ?  Within a minute of failure, allowing you to save all your expensive stock ! 


Peace of Mind

Relax, knowing your expensive stock is protected 24/7 by FreezerGUARD. Know you'll get an alert within a minute of something going wrong.

Easy and Simple

Once FreezerGUARD is setup and running, you don't need to do anything. You'll be automatically alerted if there's a problem, and you can view your dashboard of temperatures at any time using your mobile or computer. Note: currently device must connect to your own wifi.


If your insurance company know you're using FreezerGUARD maybe they'll reduce your insurance premium. In any case, if FreezerGUARD saves a freezer full of expensive stock, then it's saved you an insurance excess payment and loss of no-claims-bonus.                         

Cost Effective! For a small one-off cost to get you up and running, followed by a modest monthly payment for Alerts and Dashboard, FreezerGUARD gives you all the protection you need. 


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